Dan Radmacher Song & info


  Listen to Faithful & True - Written and performed by Dan Radmacher - Joe Echevarria
playing the Harp
The skinny (does anyone say that anymore?) on this song
Faithful & True is a song that we use with regularity in congregational
worship at my Church.
Written by my friend Dan Radmacher who leads worship at the Church I
attend in Pasadena. Christ Church www.christchurch.la a church planted
by the PCA in Pasadena.
Dan is a phenomenal worship leader, having a great balance in leading
with both traditional and contemporary elements, contributing to the
exaltation of the Lord. His songs are vibrant, truthful, emotional, and
I have had the great fortune of having him mentor me in Worship
leading, and also the opportunity ti play harp on many tunes in the
On his album, I play on two tracks, and sing backing vocals on several.
The other tune is called "Lullaby of the Magi"

Softly will I sing of my Savior
Sweetly will I whisper His Love
Child of the heavenly father
Emmanuel has come from above..."
Another song, a memorable, easy, yet rich congregational worship tune
based on Psalm 130, "Out of the Deep" should easily integrate into your
worship. Get the album and make special note of this one!
Please visit his website at www.danradmacher.com and if you want lead
sheets or any such materials for the tunes, please write him through
his site. He will gladly provide the materials.
IF you are in the Pasadena area, come visit us some morning. Just go to
the church website above and look for directions and times!
Joe "Harpcat" Echevarria